Ace Extension Pole Large Twist 6 Ft To 12 Ft (1.8 M To 3.7 M) Fiberglass
18.68 18.68 18.68 USD
.6 ft to 12 ft telescoping aluminum extension pole
.Inner aluminum
.Outer fiberglass tubes
.Plastic handle
.Metal threaded tip
.Locking mechanism is a large plastic grip ring
.Standard duty
.1.125 (28.6 MM) diameter threaded ends
.Smooth locking action
.Aluminum-fiberglass construction
Extension Pole Internal Twist 6Ft To 12Ft (1.8M To 3.7M) Aluminum Ace
9.73 9.73 9.73 USD
Extension Pole Internal Twist 4Ft To 8Ft (1.2M To 2.4M) Aluminum Ace
7.33 7.33 7.33 USD