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Plstc Bucket3.5G Wht Ace
5.14 5.14 5.14 USD
Plstc Bucket 5G Wht Ace
6.34 6.34 6.34 USD
Plastic Pail 5 Gal Wht.
4.05 4.05 4.05 USD
Plastic Pail 2G Ace Wht
3.62 3.62 3.62 USD
Finish Metalc Gplat1-2Pt
8.17 8.17 8.17 USD
Finish Metalic Chrm1-2Pt
8.17 8.17 8.17 USD
Finish Metalic Copr1-2Pt
8.17 8.17 8.17 USD
Finish Metalic Bgld1-2Pt
8.31 8.31 8.31 USD
Finish Metalic Bras1-2Pt
8.17 8.17 8.17 USD
Ryl Ext Sat Ltx Wht Qt.
13.27 13.27 13.27 USD
Varn Ltxglspoly Clr Qt
17.09 17.09 17.09 USD
63.19 63.19 63.190000000000005 USD
This remarkable acrylic/polyurethane finish combines a new level of product durability with easier application and faster clean-up. Protects against scuff marks, chipping, stains, water and alcohol. It has a clear transparency that resists yellowing caused by age.
.For Interior Surfaces
.Mar and stain resistant
.Water Clean-Up
.Provides touch protective finish
Cont Pro Ltx Ext Flat Wht Paint 1GAL
18.15 18.15 18.150000000000002 USD
Ace, Contractor Pro Semi-Gloss White Latex Paint Indoor 5 gal.
100.63 100.63 100.63 USD
An economical paint for interior walls of plaster, * wallboard, block, cement or primed metal. * Suitable for commercial, industrial or residential * application.
.Fast Drying
.Provides Excellent Dry Hiding
.Value Engineered for the Volume Contractor
Pro Ltx Sg Int White Gl
21.48 21.48 21.48 USD
Pro Ltx Flt Int White Gl
16.18 16.18 16.18 USD
Ace Essence Semi-Gloss High Hiding White Acrylic Latex Interior Latex Wall+Trim Paint Indoor 1 gal
31.94 31.94 31.94 USD
Ideal for interior surfaces requiring a durable * semi-gloss finish. Excellent for kitchens, * bathrooms, laundry rooms, children’s rooms and * other hard-use areas where a washable, semigloss * finish is desired. Use on properly prepared * plaster, drywall, wood masonry, plywood and * properly primed metal.
.12 Years of Durability
.Ideal For Kitchens & Baths
.GreenWise® Certified
Ace Essence Flat High Hiding White Acrylic Latex Paint Indoor 1 gal
23.00 23.00 23.0 USD
Ideal for interior walls of dining rooms, bedrooms * and formal living areas. Use on properly * prepared plaster drywall, wood, masonry, * plywood and properly primed metal. This product * may also be used on ceilings..
.12 Years of Durability
.GreenWise® Certified
.Good For Touch-Up
Pro Eggshel Enm Ulwhtgl
19.37 19.37 19.37 USD
Ace Clark+Kensington Semi-Gloss Yellow Acrylic Latex Paint and Primer Indoor and Outdoor 1 gal
50.68 50.68 50.68 USD
Brand Name: Ace
Sub Brand: Clark+Kensington
Sheen: Semi-Gloss
Color: Yellow
Coating Material: Acrylic Latex
Product Type: Paint and Primer
Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor and Outdoor
Container Size: 1 gal.
Recommended Surface: Interior/ Exterior
Tintable: Yes
Full Cure Time: 24
VOC Level: Low VOC
UV Resistant: Yes
Coverage Area: 250-400 sq. ft.
Clean Up: Water and Soap
Time Before Recoating: 4 hr.
Water Resistant: No
Mildew Resistant Finish: Yes