Extension Pole Large Twist Lock 4Ft To 8Ft, (1.2M To 2.4M) Aluminum Ace
21.51 21.51 21.51 USD
.4FT to 8FT (1.2M TO 2.4M) telescoping aluminum extension pole
.Inner and outer aluminum tubes
.Plastic handle
.Locking mechanism is a large plastic grip ring
.1.25 IN (31.7 MM) diameter
.Heavy duty
.Professional quality
.Aluminum-fiberglass construction
.Metal threaded tip
Telescoping Extension Pole
6.48 6.48 6.48 USD
Telescopic Extension Pole.
19.62 19.62 19.62 USD
Telescopic Extension Pole
19.07 19.07 19.07 USD