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Glove Oven Oveglove Bx1
22.69 22.69 22.69 USD
Ove glove, hot surface handler, extraordinary glove that allows protection from temperatures as high as 480 degrees Fahrenheit, inside consists of soft double knit cotton for comfort and 5 finger flexibility, outer layer consists of Kevlar and nomex from DuPont for superior heat and fire protection, machine washable, use with oven, fireplace, barbecue grills, changing light bulbs, welding and much more.
.For Left or Right Hand
.Withstands heat up to 540 degrees F
.Higher heat protection
.Non slip silicone grip
.Made of Kevlar and Nomex by Dupont
.Flame resistant
.For left or right hand
.Machine washable
Dish Cloth Scrub Wht 3Pk
5.38 5.38 5.38 USD
Apron Cooks 34X34"Black
17.19 17.19 17.19 USD
Pot Holder Sld Biscotti
3.62 3.62 3.62 USD
Dish Cloth Paprika 2-Pk
2.92 2.92 2.92 USD
Dish Cloth Biscotti 2-Pk
2.71 2.71 2.71 USD
Ktchn Towel Solid Cactus
2.92 2.92 2.92 USD
Utility Cloth White 6Pk
5.59 5.59 5.59 USD
Bar Mop Cloth Warm 5Pk
7.72 7.72 7.72 USD
Bar Mop Cloth Wht 5-Pk
7.72 7.72 7.72 USD