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Household Essentials Sunline 2.5 L Silver Plastic Retractable Clothesline
17.69 17.69 17.69 USD
Retractable Clothesline is a compact, 5-line clothesline that extends to 12.22 feet and retracts into a small, wall-mounted plastic case. The plastic case is durable and weather-resistant for indoor and outdoor use. This case should be mounted to solid (non-porous) flat surfaces and does best in sheltered areas where it is protected from direct weather. For best results, take down the dryer during inclement weather.
.Extends up to 12-1/4 inch with 61-1/4 feet of drying area
.5 line retractable dryer
.Clothes and linens dry naturally on a massive 170 feet of line space
.This 5-line system extends to 34 feet and releases easily for smooth retraction into a protective
.Aluminum case that keeps the line dry and clean
.Perfect for outdoor or indoor use
Household Essentials 6.5 L White Plastic Retractable Clothesline
30.96 30.96 30.96 USD
The benefits of air drying clothes are many--fabrics last longer, energy bills run lower, and clothes and sheets naturally smell better when hung outside--not to mention the health benefits of spending a few minutes outdoors in the sunshine. Designed for use either indoors or outdoors, this single-line clothes dryer provides up to 40 feet of linear drying space, and its quick-lock cleat keeps the line taught at any length from 0 to 40 feet.
.Single-line clothes dryer provides up to 40 feet of linear drying space
.Stainless steel spring
.Line retracts when not in use for indoor or outdoor use
.High impact plastic housing
Clothes Dryer 1-Line
11.96 11.96 11.96 USD