GearWrench 12 volt Multicolored Circuit Tester 1 pk
15.32 15.32 15.32 USD
Join Box 20X20 CM
1.97 1.97 1.97 USD
Flush Mount Box 24
10.13 10.13 10.13 USD
Flush Mount Box 36
14.56 14.56 14.56 USD
Sperry Instruments
31.65 31.65 31.650000000000002 USD
Sperry makes the job of locating electrical circuits (AC circuits of 110-125 volts) quick and easy. Turning off the correct breaker is critical when considering work on an electrical circuit and can take an excessive amount of time using "trial and error" until you hit the right one. This Circuit Breaker Finder features a sending unit that you plug into a receptacle in the room where you want to work and a receiving unit which you use to test the breakers to correctly identify the right breaker every time. The receiver features both a visual flashing light and an audible beeping to alert you when the correct breaker is identified. The package includes a user manual and a 9 volt battery required for the receiver unit.
Fues Legrand 3X20 Am
10.13 10.13 10.13 USD
Fues Legrand 3X6 Am
11.65 11.65 11.65 USD
Fues Legrand 1X63 Am
3.68 3.68 3.68 USD
Fues Legrand 1X50 Am
3.68 3.68 3.68 USD
Fues Legrand 1X40 Am
3.55 3.55 3.5500000000000003 USD
Fues Legrand 1X32 Am
2.54 2.54 2.54 USD
Fues Legrand 1X25 Am
2.16 2.16 2.16 USD
Fues Legrand 1X20 Am
1.90 1.90 1.9000000000000001 USD
Ace Digital Multimeter CE
16.77 16.77 16.77 USD
.3.5 digits LCD with a max reading of 1999
.Data hold for easy reading
.Signal output
.Audible continuity
.Low battery indication
.Overload protection
.Data Hold function
.Backlight function
.DCV 200mV 2V 20V 200V 600V
.ACV 200V 600V
.DCA 200muA 2mA 20mA 200mA 10A
.Transistor test 1b 10muA
.Vice 3V
.Diode tested
.Power supply 9V 6F22
.Standard accessories include test lead and battery