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Resin Kit Fbrgl 1-2Pt Ki
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Resin Jelly Rep Kit1-2Pt
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Resin Fiberglas Qt Bondo.
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Resin Fiberglas Pt Bondo
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Resin Kit Fbrgl Qt Bondo.
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Bondo, Fiberglass Resin 1 gal.
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Suitable for a tremendous range of projects, Bondo Fiberglass Resin can stand alone or be used with backing strips, tape, cloth or fiberglass mat for jobs where you need reliable strength. This trusted fiberglass resin is ideal for resurfacing bathtubs or showers and joins most surfaces together with a lasting bond. Its waterproof formula-this material can also be used for boat building - works as a sealer for concrete or damaged and rotted wood and it is excellent for repairing, rebuilding and recreating damaged fiberglass on snowmobiles, boats, personal watercraft and more. The cured resin is compatible with nearly any paint system including gel coat and marine paint.
.For repairing, resurfacing and rebuilding a range of materials
.Can be used alone as a sealer
.Compatible with all paints including gel coat and marine paint
.Includes Bondo fiberglass resin liquid hardener for convenient, accurate mixing
Hardenr Fibergls Resin.3
2.47 2.47 2.47 USD