Ryl Ext Oil Prmr Qt
10.00 10.00 10.0 USD
Ace Royal White Matte Alkyd Resin Oil Primer 1 gal.
35.00 35.00 35.0 USD
Ace Royal House & Trim Oil-Based Primer is formulated with special pigments and resins that penetrate wood pores and bond securely to provide a sound base for the finish coat. This oil-based formula is particularly effective in sealing stains that would bleed through conventional primers.
.Promotes Adhesion & Durability of Topcoat
.Penetrates & Seals
.Mildew Resistant
.Ideal for Excessively Chalky Substrates
Ryl Ext Ltx Prmr Qt
10.00 10.00 10.0 USD
Qly Ltx Alkl Res Prmr Gl
18.77 18.77 18.77 USD
Pro Oil Hse Primer Gl
25.00 25.00 25.0 USD
Ace, Essence White Acrylic Latex Primer 5 gal.
96.00 96.00 96.0 USD
Brand Name: Ace
Sub Brand: Essence
Color: White
Coating Material: Acrylic Latex
Product Type: Primer
Container Size: 5 gal.
Clean Up: Soap and Water
Stain Blocking: No
Recommended Surface: Concrete/Masonry
Tintable: No
Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor and Outdoor