Alarm Clock Baby Ben Gold Battery Westclox
9.94 9.94 9.94 USD
Westclox 3.5 in. Silver Alarm Clock Analog
10.53 10.53 10.53 USD
A Titan in timepiece craftsmanship since 1884, Westclox "Baby Ben'' classic key wound alarm clock demonstrates well the tradition. A calculated combination of metal construction, a pedestal posture pose and durable gauge face lens prepare for the loud bell alarm (like a fire drill). Luminous hands for night reference, 36 hour movement and ivory cabinet bound by brass brim and base focus on dial's cream matte face. Sweet dreams from "Baby Ben".
.Baby Ben collection
.Metal bezel, base and knobs
.Bell alarm
.Soothing tick sound
.Knobs in back wind time
Alarm Clock White Quartz Battery Westclox
3.94 3.94 3.94 USD
Alarm Clock White Keywound Westclox
9.24 9.24 9.24 USD