Hillman, White Stainless Steel Anti-Tip Kit 1 pk
Hillman™ Anti-Tip kits saftley secure items in your home. Choose the kit that's right for you. Whether your securing TV's or furniture. Hillman™ anti-tip kits are easy to install and adjustable. Child proofing has never been easier. *
.This 11 piece anti-tip kit includes: (2) Black steel wall brackets, (2 )Small black steel screws, (2) large black steel screws, (2) silver steel hair pins, (2) clevis pins, (1) galvanized steel cable, carded package instructions
.For use in solid wood furniture
.Reinforces 1 item up to 400lbs (181 kg)
.Great for securing andchild proofing cabinets, entertainment centers, dressers, and more
.Earthquake resistant
.Materials Needed: Screw driver, and wall stud finder
.Installation tip: Use the 1"-1/1” screws for stud attachment
.Use 5/8” screws to attach to furniture
.Do not attach to plywood
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Safety 1st White Plastic No Drill Lever Handle Lock 1.
Help keep your little explorer in the child friendly areas of your home with a no drill lever handle lock. This clever solution works with your door handle's natural motion for easy adult operation. The SecureTech locking indicator lets you see at a glance that the lock is in the secured position. The easy to mount design means there is no need to remove your doors hardware to install.
.Restricts child's access to out-of-bound areas
.Works with your door handle's natural motion for easy operation
.No removing door hardware to install
.Sleek design does not detract from home decor
.Easy mount adhesive backing
.SecureTech locking indicator
16.37 16.37 USD
Safety 1st White Plastic Top Door Lock 1.
Help keep your curious explorer in safe areas of your home with a no drill top of door guard. This lock clamps easily to the door and also features a special retractable guard to help prevent pinched fingers. With the placement high up and out of reach, curious toddlers won't be able to access it.
.Slam guard prevents pinched fingers
.Restricts child's access to out-of-bound areas
.Clamps easily to door, no drilling required
.Allows parental access from both sides
.Safety guard to prevent pinched fingers
.Disengages for periods of non-use
.Great for basement or garage doors
16.37 16.37 USD
Safety 1st White Plastic Secure Mount Deadbolt Lock 1.
The secure mount deadbolt lock helps keep your child safely inside. This easy to install lock requires no drilling or adhesives and leaves your door with no marring after removal. The simple installation takes just 3 steps, making it easy for parents to secure doors with deadbolt locks.
.Helps keep your child safely inside
.Easy to install
.Requires no drilling or adhesives
.No marring after removal
.3-step easy installation
.Installs behind the existing deadbolt hardware
.Dual-action system is intuitive for parents, not for children
.Quick glance clear panel confirms door is locked
.High impact construction
13.20 13.200000000000001 USD
Safety 1st White Plastic Swing Shut Toilet Seat Lock 1
The safety 1st swing shut toilet lock is a terrific option for the parents of little investigators who may be curious enough to explore beneath the lid. It's designed to fit most toilets and has adhesive backing for easy installation. Adults can operate the swing shut toilet lock with one hand and it automatically relocks when the lid is lowered. The secure tech locking indicator eliminates the guesswork with easy to see icons.
.Toilet lock
.Help keep curious children from opening the toilet lid
.Easy to use adhesive means no drilling or removal of lid
.SecureTech locking indicator
.Universal design fits most toilets
.Automatically relocks when lid is lowered
13.23 13.23 USD
2.46 2.46 USD